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Joker 2 Fan Poster Chaotically Combines Joaquin Phoenix & Willem Dafoe

Posted 2022/07/30 9 0

A fan poster for Todd Phillips’ Joker 2 imagines what the sequel would look like if Joaquin Phoenix and Willem Dafoe both played the DC villain.


A fan poster for Joker: Folie á Deux imagines both Joaquin Phoenix and Willem Dafoe as the Clown Prince of Crime. Todd Phillips’ Joker came out in 2019 and ended with Arthur Fleck running down the halls of a mental institute, leaving audiences wondering what actually happened and what was just a figment of Arthur’s imagination. The DC film was praised for having a self-contained story, but with it doing incredibly well at the box office, there was always a chance Joker 2 would happen. 

Sure enough, in June 2022, Phillips confirmed Joker 2 was in the works and that a script had been written. The sequel has the subtitle Folie á Deux, which translates to “madness for two.” This has led many to believe that the movie could introduce a copycat Joker that was inspired by Arthur’s actions. Naturally, as soon as the title was announced, the internet was flooded with cries for Dafoe to finally be cast as the Joker. Dafoe has been a fan-favorite pick to play the Joker for years. Despite the actor being open to the character, he has yet to play Batman’s arch-enemy.

Dafoe has not been confirmed for the sequel, but a fan poster from jaxsonderr imagines what the movie could look like if the actor starred opposite Phoenix as another version of the Joker. The fan poster overlays Dafoe and Phoenix’s faces giving the art a truly chaotic look. Check out the artist’s original post below:

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While it’s possible Joker 2 will include two Jokers, the subtitle could just as easily be referring to the introduction of Harley Quinn. Lady Gaga is reportedly in talks to play Harley Quinn in Joker: Folie á Deux, which is also said to be a musical. If this turns out to be true, the copycat Joker storyline may not be included in the sequel. With Joker ending with Arthur in a mental institute and news of Gaga potentially being cast, it’s very possible Joker 2 will end up introducing Dr. Harleen Quinzel instead of Dafoe’s Joker.

When asked about eventually playing the Joker in a Batman project, Dafoe actually pitched the idea of playing a copycat Joker, so it’s possible the actor would be considered if that is what Phillips has in mind for Joker 2’s story. Dafoe clearly has the acting chops to pull off the Joker given his extensive acting career and his experience playing villains such as the Green Goblin in the Spider-Man movies. The above poster perfectly encompasses what many would like to see in Joker: Folie á Deux, but it’s far too early to tell if this unique idea will become a reality.