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Keanu Reeves Reveals How Involved He Is In BRZRKR Movie Adaptation

Posted 2022/07/31 10 0

EXCLUSIVE: Keanu Reeves discusses the new BRZRKR film, saying he’s collaborating with writer and director Mattson Tomlin on the adaptation.



At Comic-Con, Screen Rant caught up with Reeves and his team for an exclusive interview where Reeves talked about how the adaptations are progressing. Reeves says Tomlin is already halfway done with the script but has only sent Reeves the first page, which Reeves gave him notes on. He also mentions that process is very collaborative, and he’s excited at the ideas Tomlin has for the movie. Read Reeves’ quote below:

Screenwriter Mattson Tomlin tells me he’s halfway through. He sent me page one, but then I already gave him a note on page one. But it’s a real collaborative process. Mattson’s gonna write it, and he has ideas. I’m excited to see what they do.



It’s odd seeing a new film get so much attention when it’s so early in production, but Reeves’ star power and heavy involvement have already led to large amounts of hype. BRZRKR‘s dual adaptation is also a rarity, with both the movie and the anime being worked on simultaneously to take advantage of the strengths of both mediums. Reeves’ quote suggests he’ll be heavily involved in both projects.


Reeves has enough stardom to do whatever project he wants, which is likely why he expanded into comics, applying his creative talents to a new medium that he can now adapt into something he’s much more familiar with. Projects like these are usually worth getting excited about because it gives fans a much more unfiltered look into the artist’s individual creative mindset, something that doesn’t usually happen in big-budget films with high profiles. Though there’s still no hint of a release date for the BRZRKR film, Reeves’ track record and strong reputation in the industry suggest that it’s a project that’ll largely benefit from Reeves and his collaboration with Tomlin.