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Spider-Man Exhibit Reveals Practical Effects Used In Far From Home’s Credits

Posted 2022/07/13 5 0

EXCLUSIVE: First look photos from the Comic-Con Museum’s new Spider-Man exhibit where practical pieces from Far From Home’s credits are on display.



Featured at the San Diego Comic-Con Museum’s brand new Spider-Man exhibit, some of the practical pieces used in Spider-Man: Far From Home’s credits are now on display. Featured alongside multiple rare comics and movie props, some of the practical effects created by Perception can now be seen up close. Screen Rant was also in attendance on opening day, having been given the opportunity the capture some exclusive images from the new exhibit.

Since July 1st, SDCC’s Comic-Con Museum and its new exhibit Beyond Amazing is now open to the public. Located in Balboa Park, the Comic-Con Museum is a short drive away from Hall H where SDCC annually hosts the biggest pop culture announcements from several major studios (such as Marvel Studios who will be returning for the first time since 2019). The Comic-Con Museum is open daily with its new Spider-Man exhibit and will remain open until January 3rd. Co-curated by Professor Ben Saunders and Patrick A. Reed, the Beyond Amazing exhibition will also host Spider-Man’s induction into SDCC’s character Hall of Fame on July 20th (beating Superman for the new honor).


While some of the most valuable Spider-Man comics were on display such as Amazing Spider-Man #1 from Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, a variety of props and pieces from Sony’s various Spider-Man films can also be seen. Not only are there costumes that belong to various versions of Spider-Man played by Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland, but Beyond Amazing also has practical elements used in Spider-Man: Far From Home’s final title sequence for its credits. Created by Perception, the Emmy-nominated design lab is responsible for many of the digital UI and futuristic interfaces seen in the MCU since the very beginning (think Tony Stark’s 3D workspace). However, they’ve also done many of the final title sequences for several Marvel films as well. With Far From Homethe use of practical pieces being animated via stop-motion was very unique (rather than being fully digital).



Resembling a student’s high school project, various elements come together in the final title sequence to form an incredible collage of Spider-Man sketches and references to the movie such as a jester mask that gets repainted to look like Peter Parker’s iconic mask. This references the jester mask he wore to hide his identity while facing Hydro-Man and encountering Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio for the first time. Not only is this same mask on display amongst several newspaper clippings and art drawings, but the yellow bus toy from the sequence is featured as well at the new Spider-Man exhibit.

Having done effects and/or final title animatics for all three Spider-Man films set in the MCU, it’s pretty cool that Perception was asked to feature their work, having loaned out the pieces they used to make one of the most creative credits sequences of all time. Far From Home’s final title card is also on display at the new Spider-Man exhibit. Check out the new exclusive images from the Comic-Con Museum: